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Limited edition prints

Daphne Matthys

Welcome to NYCTOPHILIA! 

(n.) An attraction to the night; finding comfort in the darkness.


The color black, the nightfall,... for me these are not morbid: they are an opportunity, a state in which I feel comfortable.  As night falls, my creativity rises. The darkness brings me inner peace, enabling my creativity to reveal itself. When everything falls silent, night revives me, stimulating my senses: I breathe deeply, my ideas flow without hindrance. In this flow, this comfortable state of mind, I discover myself again.

Photography as a weapon against time. A means to capture the moment. Precious moments in time that could so easily be forgotten. The shutter button becomes a pause button, arresting time. 

This is my goal. I achieve it only when my images provoke emotions and transport the viewer to a whole new world of desire. Our desires stream from our dreams and our imaginations.

Just let go . . . and go with my flow.

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