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A mangrove swamp, intricate in its density, can symbolize the range of possibilities that entered into your self-realization. Society constantly intrudes in our lives with powerful messages, obstructing and confusing us as it conditions our natures. Are we becoming what we once aspired to be? Are we our ideal selves?


We desire. We dream. We attempt. We DO! Because we dare to fight. We fight for the enlightening moments that give us what we need to keep going. We are always looking ahead—always looking for that perfect instant.

100 x 150

Printed on Fine Art Torchon paper

Frame - woorden black

€ 1460

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of the collection Nyctophilia


The image is carefully printed with Epson UltraChrome HDR ink (water-resistant and especially lightfast) on a special Trochon paper. Suspended and embodied by a refined, black frame. More colour, lifelike and more depth.


Suspended and embodied by a refined black frame.