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This is Reportage Award

My first winning #award on the second round of This is Reportage competition 2020 that’s all about documentary wedding photography.

Happy and so honored!

This is Collection Fourteen!

"Excited to reveal the winners of Collection 14! We had a new record number of submissions this round, with a frankly staggering 12,700 images across our Reportage and Story Award entries! We don’t envy the incredibly hard task our five judges for this round had to choose their winners. Many thanks to Dries Renglé, Giuseppe Genovese, Jorge Sastre, Marieke Zwartscholten and Andra Dragan for all their time, hard work and expertise in judging for us. As ever, it was incredibly tough to win, with just the top few percent of submissions awarded – the very best individual captures becoming our Reportage Awards.

No poses; nothing staged.

This is Reportage.

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