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NYCTOPHILIA collection

(n.) An attraction to the night; finding comfort in the darkness

The color black, the nightfall,... for me these are not morbid: they are an opportunity, a state in which I feel comfortable.  As night falls, my creativity rises. The darkness brings me inner peace, enabling my creativity to reveal itself. When everything falls silent, night revives me, stimulating my senses: I breathe deeply, my ideas flow without hindrance. In this flow, this comfortable state of mind, I discover myself again.

Photography as a weapon against time. A means to capture the moment. Precious moments in time that could so easily be forgotten. The shutter button becomes a pause button, arresting time. 

This is my goal. I achieve it only when my images provoke emotions and transport the viewer to a whole new world of desire. Our desires stream from our dreams and our imaginations. 



Vitrines D'Amour, Illinois, Gent BE


De Wilde Brouwers, Merelbeke

Bonjour, Knokke BE

Art-Point, Sint-Denijs, BE

Vitrines D'Amour,, Gent BE

Vinoteca, Ertvelde BE


Huidcentrum, Merendree BE

INTEGRE, Lochristi BE

Picas, Lievegem BE


Spazio, Gent BE

Though powerful conditioning thoughts have crossed my path, they have not confused or obstructed me. Instead, my strength has grown, and my process has blossomed, enabling me to go further than I could ever have imagined. I became who I once wanted to be - who I still want to be.

Every color has its own way of influencing us. I could drown in the color black & green!


Next to black, it is the color I'm most attracted to: green, when all the plants are coming to life! Nature is more than what meets the eye: plants absorb and radiate energy, helping me to understand myself. Green gives me self-confidence and a sense of balance, and it brings with it the calmness that I so often need for my chaotic thoughts. Green is like malachite, inspiring growth and clearing away the loose baggage of the mind. Once allied with nature, you'll find yourself, as I do, open to risk-taking and to change. 

The beauty between coming & passing 
RELEASE ME collection

Your eyes never see everything that's there to see. A scene may look simple, calm, and normal, but it may change dramatically if you try to see it outside the sphere. Look for a different path, another way of thinking. Find new people to talk to! Get inspired! This is my way. I have never accepted the thought "This is it: this is my life." Always my instinct is to keep going, to search more deeply. I need to challenge myself again and again, to clamber to the next level, to keep learning, to re-invent myself. Sometimes you have to re-orient your picture, to turn your life upside down. Only then can you come to understand your new being.

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